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About Maxtoy

Founded in 1990 by three brothers, Malas Diplomata is a Brazilian company located in the countryside of the State of São Paulo.
As a manufacturer of luggage and accessories, we specialize in using high-end synthetic materials, and innovative designs.
Since the 90’s, we began manufacturing luggage with the front panel molded with EVA material (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate).
With a prominent presence in the domestic Brazilian market, the products were differentiated by its light-weight feel and durability of the material as well as vividly colorful prints.
In the early 2000’s, Malas Diplomata started to sell child-sized suitcases with children’s characters formed from the EVA material, and began to take over the Brazilian market.
Immediate success spurred evolution, and in 2008 the greatest invention emerged. Through the process of term molding in EVA, a prototype was created of a children’s suitcase with the design of a racing car in 3D. To complement the invention, a system of triple wheels coupled to the suitcase has been developed. This elegance in aesthetics and the perfect ergonomic structure gave it great functionality and an innovative appearance.
Once our inventions were combined into a single product, we received patent protection, both in South and North America.
From this invention came the Maxtoy brand and product line, consisting of children’s wheeled luggage, lunch boxes and pencil boxes.
Since then, Malas Diplomata has positioned itself as the only Brazilian manufacturer of children’s bags, and has products licensed in more than 40 children’s characters.
In the absence of competition in this field, Maxtoy competes with itself to keep ahead of the times by nurturing our innovation and improving quality.

Product Composition:

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) body, polyester zipper with zinc puller, PVC wheels and aluminum and PVC cart parts.


Printing, thermoforming, cutting, sewing, cart assembling, quality control and packaging.


In Brazil, through differents sales channels:
Our main retail clients in Brazil are:
office and school supplies - retailer chain
gifts - retailer chain
cases & bags - retailer chain
bookstore - retailer chain

Maxtoy has its products being offered to Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Ecuador and Venezuela.


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